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I have an unabated passion to create beautiful pictures of amazing people; and I just love being able to document weddings. I combine classic photography skills with a modern reportage style to create stunning imagery that tells a story. I shoot the whole event, from preparations to party.

Portrait of the groom and best men in the hubcap of their VW camper.

My standard wedding package includes three meetings. The first two are used to get to know each other, discuss your wedding arrangements, and to build then shape a detailed photography plan. While I appreciate the need to be fluid on the day; a plan is critical to ensure your story is complete.

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Whilst I specialise in the reportage documentation of your day, I also plan a formal shoot for your family and two portrait sessions for the bride and groom. While these are more structured, they remain far more creative and fun than the usual formal wedding shoots.

Portrait of bride with her father and bridesmaids next to their split screen transport.

I am happy to get as creative as you’d like in your two personal portrait sessions, and I’ll do all that I can to nail that special ‘stand out’ shot you desire.

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As long as the day is not running late, and you have the energy to go a step further, I am happy to travel to different locations and use props to create an image that will mean something special to you both for years to come. Start planning!

Portrait session with bride and groom on the platform.

Whilst I enjoy offering creative ideas and am not shy about informing on ways a shot could be improved, just like the groom; I never forget who’s boss on the day!

Portrait of bride and her amazing wedding dress.

Unlike so many other wedding photographers, I do not pack up as the speeches finish. When you book me; I am there for the duration!


Part of being a reportage photographer is the inner drive to capture the full story; and the wedding story would not be complete without the fun and emotion of the party.



You can view more of my latest wedding projects by clicking on the mini portfolios found on the Home or Contact page, or by clicking one of the ‘being viewed’ links below…