I started Reportage Images to create pictures of people that stir the soul. I specialise in portraits and combine classic photography skills with the modern style of documentary photography to create engaging images. Pictures you’ll want to hang on your wall.

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Having three children of my own, I understand the importance of documenting the early days of a child’s life, where milestones are reached on a regular basis. With my photography, you’ll be able to document a child’s progress from birth and have stunning images to pass down to future generations.

Newborn Portrait Image

I have great experience photographing newborns, and know what it takes to create art that stirs the emotions. If you are expecting, get in touch and I’ll do what I can to ensure you get a full day of my time within the first two weeks of your new child’s life.

Baby Portrait

Stage two is to document your child exhibiting their first signs of emotion and character. You should plan a shoot when they are 4-months old for this. I offer gentle direction during these sessions; but am careful to create images packed with personality rather than anything staged or formal.

Pre Toddler Portrait

Stage three should be booked when your child begins to sit up on their own; and this will be between 6 and 8-months. Their characters are fully developed by this stage, and because they are not yet highly mobile, they make for the perfect little models.

Family Portrait

Once your child is mobile, it can be fun to head out on a day trip with the whole family. I try to be as unobtrusive as I can on these days, allowing everyone to have fun and be themselves, and using my intuition to be in the right place at the right time to capture magic moments.

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I am Kent based but, for a small surcharge to cover expenses, will be happy to travel anywhere in the UK and Europe. I only accept full day bookings when a child is tyne focus, as I do not like to place pressure on children to ‘perform’ or behave in a certain way at a certain time. I supply images on DVD in either print or online formats, and am able to produce fine art prints in house up to 23-inches across.

You can view more of my latest portrait projects by clicking on the mini portfolios found on the Home or Contact page, or by clicking one of the ‘being viewed’ links below…