Happy Christmas… again!

Good grief. What a busy year. Had little time to breathe, let alone update my website (sorry about that). Still, New Year, new start… so there are a bunch of project updates coming. Get in touch if I can help you plan a shoot in 2015.

Jones Card

I Shot It Winner!

Super stoked to be awarded as Winner of the international photography competition, I Shot It, in the category of child portraits.


Happy Christmas!

To all my friends, clients and supporters; may you have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing 2014.

Christmas Card Jones


Shoot The Face Finalist!

Super stoked to be a finalist in the international portrait competition, Shoot The Face. My style of photography isn’t really in the right vein to win such competitions, so I’m pretty chuffed to have made the final cut.

STF - Finalist Badge - 2013

Trash The Dress?

I’m running a promotion via my Facebook page to find a bride. No… not to be my wife (I already have one), but to create a fine art ‘Trash The Dress’ portrait shoot on the raw yet beautiful beach of Dungeness. I’m super excited about this project, and can’t wait to see the it come together. You’ll see the results first by logging into my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/reportageimages


Never shoot down!

When photographing children, I like to get down to their level, so my lens looks straight into their eyes. However, on occasion, I break my own rule. If I see an interesting pattern on the floor, or when there is something above that might capture the child’s attention; I’ll hold the camera out above the subject and quickly grab one frame. The results can be stunning (as long as my guestimate manual focus setting was on the money!).

Blog Post - Shooting down


Proud to be a finalist!

Whilst my passion lays with portrait photography, I am still pretty chuffed to have been selected as a finalist in the prestigious international photography competition; Shoot The Land.

Blog Post - Competition Winner   STL FINALSIST BADGE 2013


Give formality a rest!

Bored with all the studio portraits you see these days? Me too. I’m rarely stirred by images created on a blank backdrop and shot with multiple strobes. I believe environmental portraits are far more engaging, emotional and character packed. And real magic happens when you capture magic fleeting moments. This was a shot I captured of my son while he was looking out off a bridge. The image breaks a lot of classic photography ‘rules’ and, indeed, you can’t even see the subject clearly. Many photographers would not even consider taking such images. But sometimes rules need to be broken to create an image that commands the viewer to look a little bit longer and think about that moment. I always look out for these moments when out on a shoot, and I can guarantee that children will just love images like these… even when they are in their teens (and that’s saying something!).

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